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Brown thumb!

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In a 30g cube tank, we have 3 Ryukin with a centerpiece sword. At one time the sword was magnificent, reaching the surface, but it failed over time. We bought another sword, and it's ailing as well.

Lighting is a Aqualight 1X96 Watt Quad, on for about 7 hrs/day. I've got sand substrate with root tabs, and I add 1 capful of Flourish Excel daily, and about 1/2 cap of Flourish Comprehensive Supplement twice a week. But the leaves get reddish, and basically it doesn't grow. Here are some pics.

I'm thinking of getting rid of the quad light and getting a basic, low tech 2-bulb fixture, thinking that the quad is too much light. Any suggestions are really appreciated.


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Swords are heavy root feeders. Maybe the root tabs have been exhausted?
I have no input on your plant failure ...but i have to say that your tank is wonderfully, simply, elegant.
It looks like some sort of algae that was on mine. I dosed my tank with 1ml h202 per gallon and it cleared it right up.
I get that brown algae on my Swords as well but they still grow nicely. Mine are also in PFS substrate using root tabs. But I'm only using 2 screw in CFL 26w bulbs over mine...
while some may disagree.....

you must remember that goldfish produce loads of ammonia and you have three large ones in your tank. i would say increase water changes clean your filter, add some carbon and then up your ferts a bit to compensate for fert loss from carbon and water change. consider co2 althought your probably ok with just excel.. all of these steps with goldfish will lead to better overall health of fish and plants. you dont have enought plants to keep up with ammonia productions and bacteria ingeneral toward ammonia does not break it down fast enough. gold fish can handle it cause they are used to it(imo).

good luck
my 2 cents
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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