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I am new to this forum from India, have read a few topics but this is my first post.

I currently have a low tech 40 gallon planted tank with an inert substrate (coarse river bed sand)

Can i use the brown sugar having the following ingredient in each 100gm as a fertiliser dosing for my magnesium requirements?

Sodium 4mg
Potassium 126 mg
calcium 55mg
magnesium 28mg
iron 1 mg
phosphorus 3.5mg
protein 1g
carbohydrates 92.5g

apart from the above, what naturally available resource can i use to treat iron deficiency in my tank?

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I would not use sugar; the amount of it you would need to add to get sufficient iron would be too expensive, and more overly, you would end up just adding more sugar than anything into your water.

Is it not possible to get iron fertilizers where you are? If not, even something like iron supplements might be a better choice than sugar.

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You cant use sugar- it will throw off all sorts of aspects of the water column (jsut like a human getting iron from sugar.... bad idea). Iron can come from multiple places- in fact some stone release iron.

When i was in india- I just bought iron for aquariums (dosed appropriately if necessary)
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