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brown algae

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Hi all - I have a 10 gallon in my office setup. Was setup for awhile, just added a finnex planted +, along with new aqua soil substrate and GLA compressed CO2 with atomic intank diffuser. Things are looking great, but I am getting clumps of brown filimentous algae, as well as blotchy patches on the glass, and it's driving me nuts. Photoperoid ~7-8 hours, CO2 @ ~ 0.5 b/s. Using an Eheim ecco pro 35, and an intank UV sterilzer I run at night ~ 6 hours. Any thoughts?

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Filamentous Diatoms is what it looks like to me. I always thought it was hair algae, but it is a symptom of a new tank and/or high silcate/phosphate water. Assuming all else is well, should go away on its own after a few months. If not, might want to look into RO.

Ive been battling this myself in 2 of my other tanks. The One-two punch completely decimates it and is great for removing it. I also tend to get it to grow much slower when I crank the CO2. But slowly over the past 1.5months it is going away.

Oh and a good test i saw in another thread is if it turns green when you put H2O2 on it then its teh diatoms
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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