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I've had a 75 gallon tank for roughly 3 months. Its heavily planted and stocked with tetras, rasboras, cories, and one EBA. For the past 4-5 weeks I've been battling clumps of brown algae in its cotton form. At first it would only gather on a the wood in the scape, then it started gathering on the red stem plants. The majority of the plants in the tank have shown strong signs of growth since planting, due to fertilizers
I dose Excel, flourish, and use seachem root tabs for the heavy root feeders.
All water parameters are in the proper range, no amm or nitirites, and nitrates at 1ppm. Along with 50% water changes every other day to combat the algae and collect any detritus. Today I purchased 3 reticulated algae eaters to see if they can put a dent in the issue. Any other tips would be welcome.

The current stocking to the best of my knowledge is as follows

S. Repens
2 Amazon swords
2 banana plants
1 red lotus plant
7 bacopa stems
roughly 10 stems of corkscrew val
5 stems of unidentifiable red stem plant
6 rhizomes of anubias
4 fully grown java ferns
2 pothos plants

5 von rio tetras
3 retic algae eaters
5 brilliant rasboras
4 cory cats

Any assistance or ideas to help deal with this algae would be useful. There have been other spots of other algae like green spot appearing but typically go away on their own
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