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bronze corydoras bellies turning orange?

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I've had all my cories a little over a year. 2 are in a 10 gallon and 4 are in a 125 gallon. For some reason in the past month their bellies have turned orange. I feed them crushed koi flakes, shrimp pellets, dried bloodworms(and egg noodles for a treat in the 125 gallon tank). They have been courting and the females bellies are slightly swelled but no eggs yet. Could the orange bellies be a result of them mating? I've had many fish who turned bright colors during mating season. Please help!
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I'm not as worried about the spawning as i am their bellies. I googled 18 pages and came up with nothing. I will take your advice though with them and do that. Will cooling the water help with ice cubes? My house maintains a high 80 degrees and I've been cooling the water with ice, they seem to enjoy it. Oh and i shut the lights off for 8 hours a night while leaving on a small night light or the tiger barbs will ram the glass.
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