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Bronze Corydora with white spot near tail

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I noticed a white spot near my Cory's tail last night and am trying to identify the problem. I believe it looks larger than ich. It is slightly raised and does not appear to be fuzzy. The fish is acting completely normal and has no other spots. I see no signs of disease on any of her tankmates either. It actually looks like a nerite snail egg. This is a 100 gallon planted tank...started 3 1/2 months ago. The corydoras were the last occupants added to the tank about 50 days ago.

PH 7
Amm 0
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 15-20

I have a QT tank set up. I tried to catch her last night but gave up because it wasn't easy and she was starting to stress out.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :) I love my fish! I have taken photos but see no way to add them to this post.
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If the fish is not acting ill otherwise, it may just be a fin fracture-- this is often misidentified as ich or fungal infection.
It has a slightly raised, smooth "nodule" shape to it.
This is caused from damage to fin from netting, injury, bullying from other fish. It should heal on its own- if that is what it is. Doubt it is Ich since haven't added fish to aquarium lately.
However, Ich can be carried in through plants or due to cross-contamination from other tanks in house that have recently had fish introduced.

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Here is a photo from this morning. It really looks like a nerite snail laid an egg near the base of the fish's tail! Of course, I know that didn't happen. :) She is doing great today...swimming happily with her school.

I attached an image to a message last night and it still hasn't shown up (the message or the photo). Maybe I am too new to the forum to be allowed to add photos. Posting them elsewhere and adding a link is beyond my abilities. :)

The spot still looks the same (like a nerite egg) and she is happily swimming with her school.


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