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So when I woke up today I noticed that one of my Bronze Corys was on its side lying on the gravel. When he tried to swim, it almost looked like he had no sense of direction and was swimming on his side and in random directions. He would swim upside down, sideways but not "normally". When he settled on the substrate, he would always be upside down or on his side. I know hes going to die because I had another Cory do the same thing a few days ago and died last night. I have put the Cory in a quarantine tank, but was wondering what was going on with the corys? They show NO visible signs of illness. No worms attached, no white spots, no missing/torn fins, no fungus patches etc etc etc.

I just tested the water 3 days ago and everything was zero except for Nitriate which was no higher than 0.5. I feed them hikari sinking wafers and a variety of flake food.

Does my cory have some kind of internal parasite that I cant see or something and its spreading in my tank? My Main tank ONLY has bronze cory cats and cherry shrimp.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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