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Bristlenose Pleco question

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Hello everyone, any how I have had a few bristles in my tank for a while, and I didnt think they were old enuf to breed. This is the part Im not sure about, my male is blocking the entrance to a cave with his head inside and hes just sitting there twirling his fins, like fanning I suppose. Any other fish gets near, he'll rush out backwards and run them off. Hes to quick to get back to the cave for me to see any thing but would he be protecting eggs or just this spot? He used to hold up under a huge rock, hes been in this tank for 2 years so not much has changed. Cept yesterday I did a large water change.
150 gallon tank
java moss and guppy grass
large flat rocks and drift wood
The last fish added were 7 swordtail 2 weeks ago

Any suggestion will be appretiated, Thank you in advance
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Well, he's old enough to breed.
His behavior is consistent with having eggs or fry.
If you can't see in with a flashlight, do you have one of those $1.00 laser pointers? That beam should allow a peek in the cave. If want to, you can gently shift the cave to get a peek inside or just wait another week or two. Fry will come out when they are hungry.
Well just got a look inside and theres nothing there. He was acting odd today thats why I asked, coud he be getting the cave ready? I know certain fish make a nest or area for the eggs before they are laid, are BN plecos like that?
Thank you dbosman
He could be cleaning up.
The female may have laid bum eggs or he didn't fertilize correctly. Sometimes it takes several spawns for fish to get the hang of things.
He's just claiming (and defending) his chosen breeding cave, in hopes of enticing a female to spawn. I had 2 pairs of them in a 30L, and the breeding male hardly ever left his cave.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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