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I have to cut down on my fish room inventory due to health reasons. I have many Bristlenose Catfish For Sale, Regular Brown short-fin and long-fin and Albino short fin. I have over 120 tanks and need to reduce my stock. Anyone wishing to buy some BN's from me, I have experience shipping out fish through USPS and I am rated on AQUABID. Shipping usually runs in the $15.00 to $20.00 range for 1-3 day Priority shipping.

The BN's range from $1.00 each for a minimum order of six, all the way up to breeding pairs at $35.00. I have as many as 1000 fry ranging in size from small to young adults. Let me know what you need. These fish are from a health prolific strain, that I have developed of the last 5 years.

I also have a blog website that you can see my fish room and some of the things I do with fish. Contact me thru the forum.

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