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Bringing out the red in Reineckii?

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Simple question - I can't seem to get it to color up to that vivid red like I want. I know it looks ok in the pic, but it has dulled over time. I have plenty of light, co2, and ferts (in general). It grows like crazy, but just looks dull. FWIW, my blyxa gets a nice red/maroon color near the top of the tank. I am thinking about experimenting with more iron, but I worry about my RCS.

Tank: 40 breeder
Lights: 4x39 watt T5, GE 6500k bulbs
CO2: Automated, 30+ ppm
Ferts: Straight EI, Excel after water changes

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More iron, go lean on the nitrates. More intense lighting.

You probably can't change your lighting, but I'd dose a tad more iron and a little less nitrates. Watch for algae though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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