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I have 2 juvenile brichardi I need gone. They are healthy and energetic but don't play nice with other fish. A little over 2" in size. I do not want to try shipping them. $10 for both and I will throw in extra plants if you would like.

Also available for pickup is a piece of bog wood. It is covered in black beard algae but also has mini pellia, fissidens, java fern, and a few vines of java moss.
It is roughly 12x8x4 and it is currently in a 10 gallon malawa shrimp tank.

Plant package: $35 for pickup or $40 shipped
dwarf sag - 25 plants
anacharis- 20" of stem
naja grass- one small ziplock bag
crypt wendtii bronze- 1 medium sized plant and 1 baby (~2" leaves)
rotala rotundifolia (might be rotala colorata)- 20+ clippings and a few full plants with roots.
jungle val- 5+ plants
leopard val- 1
hygro - labeled "blue hygro" at the LFS - 2 small clippings
wisteria- 1 stem

I will also include a few water lettuce plants and any other extra stems or clippings.

Here is the tank most of this is coming from:

PM me if you are interested.
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