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Breeding Taiwan Bees- questions

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Hello, I would like to breed blue bolt shrimp without having any.

To start with should I get a Panda or BKK shrimp and a snow white shrimp?
And the babies would be F1 correct?

Is a Golden Crystal shrimp the same as a snow white?

Then I would need to breed the F1 back again with the Panda or BKK correct?


Panda + Snow White = F1
F1 + Panda = Some Blue Bolts


Thanks for the help and info.
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With the prices of panda's, BKK's and golden crystals wouldn't it be easier to buy blue bolts and cull the offspring untill you get the colors your looking for? But then again your way is what make the hobby fun! Just saying :)
WAIT! Blue bolts? Oh yeah those babies go up to $100 a piece. I was thinking blue bees ( my bad )
Btw when you get those bred, and I hope you do, send them to me for a full inspection:) lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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