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I came across this article when I'm researching about breeding plecos:

I want something challenging, so this is why I'm not starting with RCS. I have a few basic questions about breeding.

1. The article says that the person siphoned the fry into another tank. Wouldn't this damage/kill the fry?

2. For the tank used to raise the fry, the person used a 20gal tank. Should the filtration be the same as the main tank?

3. For bristlenose pleco, males take care of the fry until they are free swimming. Should that also be the case for pitbull pleco?

4. Are cholla wood too small for pleco? Should I just stick to PWC tubing, driftwood and/or coconut shells?

5. The article says that the parent fish will eat the eggs, so should I be keeping the adult pleco in the small tank, and transfer into the larger tank? Or should I be keeping the the adult pleco in the large tank, have them lay eggs, then transfer into the smaller tank?

Thanks for your patience =)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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