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I only have the RAM left, Thanks EVERYONE! She is off to the LFS on 3/17/14, so If you want her, let me know.

Female German blue ram. We just figured out we might be moving and now I might be downsizing. She is active, and eating frozen blood worms. I have had her a week. I have just transitioned her to Hakari pellets, Freeze dried BW and know for a fact she won't eat Ghost shrimp. I tried, and she just ignores them. :)

I am willing to trade or Sell these guys. I have breather bags, but no Heat packs. I am not sure how much moola I want for them, but I do have a few ideas for trade.

*Pumpkin, Orange shrimp, Neos
*Blue Pearls shrimp
*Tiger shrimp (regular, OEBT culls,)
*Yellow shrimp
*Osmocote Plus capsules
*Interesting Neos
*Crypts-Green, Red, Would Love a Florida Sunset willing to pay a little for one
*Low lights-Any type Java fern, etc
*Feel free to offer something, worst I can say is no

Please Pm with your offer, If no sufficient offers, she will be given to the LFS for credit.
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