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i could see 200~300 nasty crs all over this tank
but algae problem began, anubias are melting
less more less crs... so...

i started this tank Feb, 2012
40gal breeder , fluval 205 , 27L ada soil
planted tank
started 10 crs from kangshiang

4-5 months later, July ~ August

they bred crazy...! i can see 40~50 females barried

i counted over 200 crs with all plants and driftwood

i sold lots of crs on craigslist

ppl came my house and bought 30 40 or 50... because i sold $2 each

they killed them at first try and came back my house .... but i could cover

them all

got my money back (i put $140 on ada soil , $60 filter , $100 for 20 crs)
Happy :D

however i started to get algae problem since september , i tried but its getting worse

my crs didnt breed since september...

OOPS time to clean up the tank...

i removed all decorations , i will clean the algae

i will put only one driftwood, javafern on it and moss only....

I hope they start breeding again...
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