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Hey everyone!

I'm getting ready to do some tank maint and decided to share the love with everyone again!

There'll be some of the following:

Brazillian Pennywort
A few Java fern plantlets (I see two in there on the mother plant now)
Some stems (not sure what I'm trimming yet)

Here's a pic of the pennywort and duckweed, as you can see the pennywort is quite large :)

All plants will come from my med light co2 enriched tank. As always there's a chance for snails (I do keep a MTS colony in here for my assassins) and maybe some sporatic algae!

Here's the rules!

1. Make a numbered list
2. Be willing to RAOK your first set of trimmings (pay it forward :))
3. Winner will be chosen using on Saturday night at some time
4. Be willing to pay $7 to cover packaging and materials and Flat Rate Shipping

Good Luck Everyone!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts