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Brazilian expedition to Pantanal

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Hi people!
A dear friend of mine (Mauricio) went to dive in a place that all of you really should visit at least once in lifetime!
Here some pictures he has shared in his HP.

Baia Bonita
Baia Bonita

Sucuri river
Sururi River

Prata (silver) river
Prata River

Best regards, and see you all there someday!:)

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magnificent, thank you for the links to those photos.
those floating driftwood shots with moss on top and
fish on bottom would be a great motif for a tall tank.
what were those small bright red fish in the shallows?

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Google translation did a decent job at translation if you guys want to read the article. It's in Portugese btw.

And it's interesting how one plant is the dominant in these environment.
And also, check out the PO4 or Fe! These plants are living on nothing and in sunlight. I'm sure the other nutrients are low as well.

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Hello people,
Yes, the red fishes are Serpae Tetras, aka here in Brazil as "Mato-Grossos", maybe a homage to the State where is the greatest part of the Pantanal.
Nutrients in water may be low, but as they are in a river stream, I am pretty sure that they never run out. So, this is the results of permanent "water change" with constant CO2 and nutrient levels.
Even for us, from Brazil, this pictures are astonishing. I, myself, never have the opportunity to travel there.
Best regards,

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bon dia...ben vindo :icon_smil
I visited brazil in january...a two week whirlwind tour
rio de janerio.....iguacu river.....

very nice indeed....
we didnt go to bonito though :icon_sad: ...we stayed outside of campo grande in mato grosso do sul....
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