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i'm planning a modified Orinoco biotope for the future and am interested in comments/suggestions/critiques/and helpful hints.
The tank list consists of:

75 gallon tank

water ph ~ 5.5 - 6.5
water temp ~ 82 F

eheim 2126 pro II thermofilter w/spray bar
hydor circulation pump(s?)

dark sand
pink granite

moonlight - in tank mount and waterproof
t5 48x2 - 2 (6500k x 2 and 6500k + colormax)

water lettuce - pistia stratiotes
red amazon swords - echinodorus sp. 'red special'
tiger temple plant - hygrophila sp. 'tiger'
brazilian pennywort - hydrocotyle leucocephala

green laser cory - 4 - corydoras aneaus sp. 'green laser'
orange laser cory - 4 - corydoras aneaus sp. 'orange laser'
huarani oto - 10 - otocinclus huaorani
electric blue ram - 4 (2 pair) - mikrogeophagus ramirezi sp. 'electric blue'
cardinal tetra - 20 - paracheirodon axelrodi
purple tetra - 20 - hyphessobrycon metae
marbled hatchetfish - 10 - carnegiella strigata

L-129 orinoco zebra pleco - 1 - hypancistrus debilittera

rummy nose tetra - hemigrammus rhodostomus
green neon tetra - paracheirodon simulans

I want to do a low-tech/lower light set up so I went with plants requiring lower doses of co2 and light. I will probably be dosing my tank with Seachem Flourish and Flourish Excel to help boost the plant life. The modified component comes in when I introduce the hybrid plants and the color variations of the corys and rams.
Is there any concern that I would be over-stocked?
Is my filtration adequate?
Anything else I should be worried about?

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P.S. - Orinoco - with pH of 5.5 to 6.5 - and 82 F temp........ What, no discus ?
I'm disappointed (tongue-in-cheek) - perfect for discus !
I've been dreaming about a discus tank for a couple of years now and I believe I'll 'graduate' to them when we move into a house. Our 65g community tank will probably end up being a discus tank.
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