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Your plan seems well thought out, and should prove to be quite acceptable, including your projected bio-load, although some might say it could be a touch on the heavy side.

And with that lighting, set-up, size of tank, and stocking, etc., I believe your biotope will be quite attractive. Small point, but do go with the Hydor pump, you won't regret it.
Looking forward to some pics when you get it done.

P.S. - Orinoco - with pH of 5.5 to 6.5 - and 82 F temp........ What, no discus ?
I'm disappointed (tongue-in-cheek) - perfect for discus ! (Chuck the hatchetfish and otos - perhaps some of the purple tetras, and get 6 discus - LOL )
Just kidding, do what turns you on.
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