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Hi all!

My Eheim Pro2 filter took a dump on me lately. The dreaded water leak from the head, by the power cord. Tried replacing the big o-ring with one I picked up from AtomicRice, but to no avail - it's still leaking. Tried several fixes/ideas over the past month, but nothings worked. It's manageable until I get my new Fluval G6 in the mail (soon).

All that being said, what sort of cartridges do you guys use in the Fluval G-series filters? Given that I have a heavily planted tank, I would think one wouldn't want to use chemical filtration, e.g. carbon, zeolite, etc.

So, for those of you who use a G3 or G6, what sort of cartridge set-up do you use?


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I do not have that specific filter, but I have a lot of different cans and HOBs.

ALL of them are set up this way:

Coarse sponge over the intake, inside the tank.
Medium sponge in the filter where the water enters.
Finer sponge.
Chemical media. (This varies: Peat moss for soft water tanks, coral sand for hard water tanks)
Floss (Quilt batting)
Bio media. Usually ceramic noodles.

All the media is custom cut to fit that filter. I use a lot of Aquaclear sponges, a few coarser pond sponge material, and a lot of a blue and white bonded filter media, one brand is Rite Size.

I do not run carbon, zeolite, purigen or other chemical media.
I do not run cartridges, even if the filter came with them (HOB filter often come with them).

All the media chambers are filled with media. Not packed down, just set in snug enough to stay in place.
I do use whatever media baskets are provided (Canister filters).

I use nylon stockings to contain loose media like peat moss or coral sand.
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