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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for bottom dwellers to replace my clown loaches that get a long with angels and kribs. I like the fact that clown loaches don't bother fry and I'm hoping that there will be other bottom dwellers who follow the same notion.

I just can't take it anymore that my clowns keeping poking holes in my anubias. It's just so aggravating seeing this out of the blue when you think that they stopped doing it. I mean, they stopped doing it at one point but then they started doing it again! I was excited to see a bunch of brand new, bright green leaves growing and then the next morning they're horribly mutilated.

I was thinking some kind of cory, but I don't know how they'll react to krib fry and get themselves killed. Since I'm removing the clown loach, I wont have my temperature so high, giving me more options for cory catfish.

I'd absolutely like some suggestions for extremely hardy cory cats or some kind of other bottom dwellers! Thank you!

If you think your anubias is safe from clown loaches.

Think again. (see the krib in the corner of the image? He's as appalled as you are...)

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