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Boston Aquarium Society

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Anyone a member or been to a meeting or auction?

They've got a "buck-a-bag" auction coming up 4/17.
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I was there and I will never miss another buck-a-bag auction in future.
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I was there also, and got some cool little fish and some bacopa. Came away $72 richer. Good time.
I was there also

I picked up some shrimp, goldfish and bunch of other stuff.
I was expecting a lot of moss but no moss whatsoever. I did'nt bring anything because I was drove to Boston directly from work but I bought of a whole lot of fish.
I wish I would have seen this post before now.
Wish I saw this myself, so I'm a member and I'm also the youngest board member. I bring this up because we're trying to attract new young people to join up and I feel the internet will be integral to this. Membership is $20 for the year and grants access to all our monthly auctions and field trips as well as the larger annual northeast regional auctions in Rhode island and out west (Pioneer valley club). We just had our big annual fall auction which was a blue dot auction. One blue dot per seller can be placed on any bag and the club keeps $3 only. The spring auction is buck a bag as there's usually more lots then. We're starting a community greenhouse next year in conjunction with the Endicott estate in Dedham as an aquatic plant resource. We're rehabbing the old greenhouse on the estate grounds now with paying jobs and volunteer opportunities for seniors. All are welcome. There's also been talk of an art project development with Milton public schools. Monthly meetings are every 3rd Monday at 7pm at the NEAQ harborside discovery center. This month is our holiday party with a fish related Yankee swap. It's pot luck. There will be an auction and raffle. Meetings usually feature a speaker/presentation followed by an auction and usually wrap up by 9:30pm though we have the space til 11pm if necessary. We have some very talented breeders amongst us and there's always something interesting available. Although low turnout isn't always predictable when it does happen bags sell for as low as $5. There's a $3 minimum on all lots. I've seen BAGS of discus sell for $12, couple months ago I saw a kid pick up an led for a 55 for $10. There's also a "free" table for stuff ppl just want to get rid of. Hope to see you there. I can't say enough good about this club. Cheers

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