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While hunting ten gallons at yard sales one saturday afternoon I ran into a real gem.A 40 gallon Oceanic stretch hex.It had most of the glass lid(the back plastic and small front glass were not there.)and the original T8 strip light.All for five whole bucks!

Anyhow,needing a nice display tank for my betta macrostomas I set a plan in motion to make a decent biotope for themTank specs are as follows:

Light is a Current Nova Extreme T5HO fixture with 2 x 24 watt bulbs.
FIlter is Eheim classic 2213,precycled on the 55.
Pressurised CO2,atomic diffuser,Ferts added via EI dosing
Plants include
Java Fern
Java Moss
Rotala Walichii
Rotala Rotundifolia
Limnophilia Aromatica
Crypt Petchii(im not sure this is correct)
Blyxa Japonica
Barclaya Longefolia

Fish include
Mated pr of Betta Macrostoma
Harlequin Rasboras(i think theres nine in here right now)
Scissortail Rasbora-three

I am happy with the fish stocking level.I was thinking of adding something for the bottom but I decided if I can get some cherry shrimp culls,as close to the wild coloration as possible(le gasp!)then I would want a good bit.Enough to be a self reliant food source for the macs.Wild coloration to give them more of a chance.

Plants,I want more.I am looking for many more form the region of borneo or sarawak.Suggestions would be great!

The hardscape is very poor.I dodnt have many choices as Im on a very tight budget for fish related stuffs.It does have a small cave spot for the male mac to hide but I would love a really nice stumpy rooty piece with nice hides for him to feel very secure in.Perhaps one day.

Anyhow as this is a journal here are some pics of the tank and what it is now.

Tank as it was when I got it home.

It didnt come with a stank so I had to figure something out.For mothers day my dear husband picked me out a nice TV stand.I wanted it on something short as it was going under the TV in the living had to be short enough to be comfortably viewed from the couches and stuff.Perfect centerpiece!

Here is the tank on the stand.Inside,there plenty of room for my small CO2 tank(its a 20 oz PB tank....)and my classic 2213 eheim filter.As you can see,Mayhem and Pandamonium approves.

A bit hazy but my view of the tank from where I sit.Love it!

The macs are in.Its barren and needs more plants.Hope the CO2 and ferts kicks it into overdrive lol

The rasboras have been added but my batteries are dead.WIll get more pics once I can buy more.

Comments suggestions,ect all welcome!
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