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Our tank, Bonsai-Burst Sanctuary is a 10 gallon tank that has many interesting and eye-catching features. For one, it has a variety of aquatic plants as well as fish that are thriving and living happily. The different species of plants include these: Hygrophila(compacta), “Clado” (which is a nickname for a type of algae), Ludwigia, Vallisneria, Java moss, Water wisteria, Rotala, and Sagittaria. The species of fish that are living in our tank 3-4 Sunburst Platys and a few guppies. To “accessorise” our tank, about right in the middle of the tank is an artificial bonsai-looking plant with plastic leaves on them. There is also a piece of real, arched bark with some of the Java moss glued to it, to make it look less dull. Another piece of accessory that is added to the tank to make it look nice is a yellow felt-like fabric to give it some type of background.
Some pieces of equipment and decorations in our tank includes a filter, a heater, and black sand substrate, 48-inch T8 light bulbs. We also have a netted, stainless steel platform connected to the tank to give our moss that hanging effect. So, in the future, we plan to have one of the most attractive and interesting tanks in the entire elective.
My partner is @aquadrop3000
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