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Hi all, just starting a new aquarium. Went with a fluval edge 2 and chose an aquasoil / sand combo with the sand in a small open section at the front of the tank. I also used driftwood as a kind of bank to keep the two substrates divided. I am hoping to keep the tank low tech, but will consider using co2 if the plants struggle, but most of the plants I've chosen are pretty hardy and basic. So I finished the aquascaping tonight after buying some more plants / driftwood and doing some re arranging, and I'll settle for now.
This is my first planted tank in about 8 years, although I had a marine setup that I had to part with before spending a year traveling, so I have had a bit of experience in fish keeping, not a complete newbie!

I might also mention that I've ordered a custom led hood to replace the stock lighting, can't wait to get it as it has seperate power sups for the white and blue globes and also dimmers for both!
Should be a lot of flexibility there.

No fish yet, but I plan on moving over a Bolivian Ram, 4 cardinal tetras and a bristle nose from my other tank.

I'll try to post a pic.
Cheers, Daniel.


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