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Bolivian ram bully

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(Looks like bolivian threads are popular today) So, I have two bolivian rams, purchased about 2 1/2 months ago. Let's call them "Bully" and "Victim." Victim was quite a bit larger than Bully at time of purchase, and I am 99% sure is male (3rd dorsal ray extended, tail fin extended, reproductive part much smaller than Bully's). Bully is now catching up in size, no extended dorsal ray or tail fin, reproductive part looks like a large bump).
They were both shy for a couple days when I first got them, as expected. Victim started coming out first and finally Bully gained confidence. They have been fine together, swimming around the tank, with just a little bit of face biting/kissing. The past week, however, Victim has been hiding in the back, laying on the bottom. His color is more black and the bright yellows have faded.
Every time Victim tries to come out, Bully swims over and attacks him. He won't even leave his territory to feed. Today, Bully is now being shy and skittish again, but is being nippy at the cories (used to only do that at feeding time) and still has very bright coloration.

So I guess my first question is, can anyone sex bully for me? And second, obviously if it's a male, I know what my problem is, but if it's a female, what can be done to help?


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I can't see see pictures here at my office so I can't help on sexing, but do you have adequate planting/wood to break up their line of site?

I have a male/female pair, using the word loosely as they aren't breeding. The male came second and the female was boss for about 2 weeks. The male took over and banished my female to the right corner/back but that's mostly feeding time. For the most part they both allow each other to swim where they want. When the battles happen the female has plenty of plant/rock/wood to go and get out of his line of sight. Once he can't see her the problems are over and she knows that. Neither of them are stressed as a result.

If you don't have a lot of cover and it isn't too hard, move some stuff around in the tank. It kind of tricks them into thinking they are in a new area and they re-do their territories. Maybe it will give your victim a leg up and she can do better.
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