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Boiling driftwood

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Ok, so I picked up a couple nice looking pieces of wood from PetSmart the other day... took them home and put 'em on to boil... and boil... and boil... they've been soaking/boiling for over a week now and the water is still coming out dark brown. How long is this going to take??! Is there anything that can be done to speed up the process?
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Its really one of the only things you can do. If its going into a big tank it doesnt matter to much. like my 90 gallon it took like 2 weeks to stain it and by then it was ready for a WC.
I boiled the two pieces I put in my 20L each for 2-3 hours. I was still getting brown water, but I just decided to toss them in the tank. Never had any issues with the water turning brown.
it's ok to have tanins in your tank. just add some active carbon for the first few weeks or do water change twice a week.
I tend to agree with ikuzo.
I've always just gave them a good scrub and boil them a bit to kill any nasties for the most part. The rest I just left to water changes and purigen.
i run all mine through the dishwasher - high heat, air dry

no soap, obviously
OK I was just worried because the water is still turning pretty dark... I guess I'll just toss them in and see how it goes!
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