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I have 2 female Boesemani Rainbows in my 29. I had 6 zebra danios in there, but my Bleeding Heart Tetras decided that they were things to torment, so the 2 that were left have been re-homed to my 10 gallon where they are happy and stress free.

I want to find a male Boesemani as the two females I have are constantly picking at each other, but that is a whole other issue.

Does anybody else have Boesemani or any other kind of rainbows that act like sheep or cows with plants?

I added Frog Bit to both tanks last week. I put about 1/4 of the bunch I got into the 10 and rest went into the 29. The plants in the 10 gallon have gone virtually untouched. The roots on the plants in the 29 have been reduced to little nubs because the bows chewed them off.

Not even 20 minutes ago the water sprite I ordered came in. I did my usual plant clean up and again, divided up the plants as I was sent extra. The fish in the 10 are happy with the green addition, but I fear for the batch in the 29 as they are being eyeballed as a possible salad for later.

My Bleeding Heart Tetras will nibble on plants, but due to the fact that they are terrified of everything, they tend to stay mid to low level in the tank so they can make a mad dash behind plants if somebody as much as look at them. They do become more adventurous after lights out, but the bows are not shy about their intentions and what they are up to. They don't care if the lights are on or not.

I've read that bows like a more vegetable based diet and I'm working on that. However, I've had bows in the past that did this very same thing. The Australian rainbows went as far as uprooting Jungle Val and dragging it around the 55 I had at the time. The only ones I've owned that left plants alone were Turquoise rainbows.

I don't mind plant nibbling, but sheesh. You would think I never fed my fish if judging by the rainbows behavior alone.
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