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bn Pleco has a new spot.

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Hi, I'm a fairly new member here, but I've been lurking a while. I appreciate the wealth of info I've found on here.

I've had a handful of freshwater aquariums in my lifetime and after a 12 year hiatus I am back into the hobby. This time I've gone the planted route, and I really like the live plants.

I currently have a $10 10g Craigslist special with 9 LED low watt bulbs, a 50w heater, sand substrate, a HOB and a sponge filter.

There are three different plants: some elodea, maybe some kind of Anubis that has been producing a huge new leaf every week, and some mystery grass that probably needs much more light and fertilizer.

Anyway, on to my question: I have a LFS described blue eyed lemon bn pleco. She recently developed a small black spot on her tail fin. It's been there for nearly two weeks and has grown slightly. Does anyone know what it might be? She has a willow branch to munch on, algae wafers to eat, and blanched veggies every so often. She seems to be a very healthy and active pleco.

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Could be a melanoma, albino fish are sometimes more prone to cancers.
I'd keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get any thicker.

If it starts expanding, I would put the fish to sleep with a tiny bit of clove oil, and slice off that piece of tail with a safety blade.
Update: the spot hasn't grown or become thicker. The pleco is healthy, growing and as a correction- "she" looks to be a male. His bristles are beginning to develop!
It looks fine to me. Just the actual fin getting a black spot, but not a tumor or anything. Blue eyed pleco are actually leucistic so it's not a complete loss of pigmentation.
The pleco's spot is all gone now!

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