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Blyxia auberti (possibly Blyxa Japonica)

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I just did some aquarium pruning and I have 15 plants of what was sold to me as "Blyxia auberti" but based on its size I think it may be Japnoica. The largest plant is almost 9" with the average probably in the 6" range. If anyone would like to buy these trimmings, I will sell you all 15 (everything in the picture below) for $20. They do come from an aquarium that has algae and pond snails so beware. I trimmed these out on 01/08/2017, I am going to leave them floating in my aquarium for another three days. I am in Aurora by the Cherry Creek Reservoir and near downtown Denver on Mon/Wed mid mornings.

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Willing to split? I wouldn't mind getting half for $10
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