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Blyxa & micro sword melting?

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Blyxa j. and Lilaeopsis mauritiana (micro sword) seem to have melting leaves (from the tip working down). After testing water today, I am going to be removing the soil and just doing sand with O+ tabs, but I don't know if the melting could be from lighting, temp, pH, or other factors so please share your knowledge. There is dwarf tears in there I threw in on a lark (was given an extra pot of them) and don't expect to survive but want the 'grasses' to work in the bowl.

tank water stats:
pH: 7.5
nitrate: 40
GH: 160
KH: 70

Time line:
blyxa arrived in mail 93 day shipping insulated box temp above 40F fast several days)
micro sword was held in a 10g tank since April 17 with light and slightly warmer water
Tank set up April 23
3g bubble bowl
1" Black diamond blasting "sand" cap
Blyxa j. micro sword, chain sword, and dwarf baby tears added
unheated (water temp has range from 66-72F depending on air temp)
Indirect light from s/w facing window for 2 days

April 25
2x 13 watt cfl 6500k lights with aluminum foil reflector added roughly 18" above substrate Light on 6 hours

April 29
Added 0.2 ml Excel

May 1
water change 70-100% (mostly empty, fill, repeated again)

May 2 added new light 13 watt cfl 6500k in reflector, 14" above substrate (still using taller light but its not above tank, to the side now) lights on 6 hours

photos from today:
Moss only jar next to bowl has no MGOPM and no ammonia/nitrite/nitrate (will add nitrate from a wc of anotehr tank today), newest light directly over moss uses taller light otherwise same stats. You can see window for indirect sunlight in background, they don't get too much of it though.

Can anyone tell me what is causing the melting?
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Blyxa will melt when conditions change so I would just leave it be and it will recover.
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