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I can give discounts on shipping if you would like to purchase more than one item. Multiple items discount also available.

Blyxa Japonica: 10 fully rooted stems. About 3-4" tip to tip. $12 for ALL. Size and quality will be very similar to the image below.

OneStep RootMedic: More info ( 95% full. $12

API Nitrite Test Kit: Brand New. $5

Jebo 502 Filter: Brand New. $12

Seiryu Stones: Perfect for a nano tank. 3 pieces total. Been established in a tank for over 6 months. Had Mini Pellia grown on it. $10

Slate Rocks: Cleaned, Boiled and Air Dried

B: [STRIKE]$10[/STRIKE] $5 (10 pieces)
C: [STRIKE]$10[/STRIKE] $5 (10 pieces)
D: [STRIKE]$8[/STRIKE] $4 (10 pieces)
E: [STRIKE]$8[/STRIKE] $4 (10 pieces)
F: [STRIKE]$8[/STRIKE] $5 (40+ pieces)
Get ALL 5 packages for only [STRIKE]$40[/STRIKE] $20!

TopFin Algae Thins: Brand New/Sealed. Perfect for Otto's, Pleco's and Neo shrimps. Large 3Oz (85g) bag. [STRIKE]$5[/STRIKE] $3 each

SunPark Electronic Ballast: 120V/60Hz Model SL15T

Taken apart from NO fixtures for DIY. Brand New. Only ONE left. [STRIKE]$4[/STRIKE] $2

Plastic Plants Decor: FREE w/ any purchase

Plant Backgrounds: FREE w/ any purchase

Shipping: Shipping prices will vary depending on the item and the method used to ship. PM me with your inquiry and I can better assist you with the shipping prices and options available.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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