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Blyxa japonica for sale

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Heya folks, I'm located in Denver near 8th & Colorado. Right near the Trader Joes. Pick up around here only, no shipping.

Pulled up some blyxa. This is this 55g tank after I removed the stems from the area in front of the brown crypts. The blyxa on the right are clippings that I made and replanted over the previous few months.

Here are the stems which range from 2" to 6". I am using a t5ho which is hanging pretty dang far above the aquarium so some are leggy. Have had them growing with CO2 and a daily dose similar to EI.

here's the link the the rest of the images
Blyzxa by evaninspace | Photobucket

I've bagged up the plants by relative size. These grow fast once established.
5 for $5 (larger plants, bottom two rows) I have three bags available
10 for $8 (medium plants, top right two rows) one bag available
12 for $6 (smaller plants, top left three rows) two bags available
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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