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I am selling this all as one whole package because I just plain do not have room! Please see photos below-- these are actual photos taken 7/20/14.
However, I might be willing to break up the package, but the price per plant will likely be slightly higher than if you buy the whole package.
I will ship priority in an insulated box with ice pack.
(If you want fancier, ie quicker, shipping options, let me know and I am happy to check shipping prices)

Ammania sp bonsai (true Rotala indica)- roughly 20+ stems (see pictures)
Blyxa japonica- 40-55 depending on how you break them up
Marsilea minuta- a small handful--look at the picture
Ammannia gracilis- 4-5 stems
Alternanthera reineckii- 4 stems

Total including USPS priority shipping in an insulated box + ice pack is $37.00


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