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Blue's ADA45P- Tree of Solidarity

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Another Journal? YUP :big grin:

I had a 12g Eclipse tank that I was using for a quarantine in the kitchen and to be quite frank, it was ugly as heck so I decided to try something different. I decided on an ADA45P and wanted to utilize moss and some other plants I haven't used before.

I've tried my hand at using moss a couple of times but have failed miserably so hopefully this tank will be different. I am not using a heater on this tank, as it stands the temperature maintains around 75 degrees or so.

The goal of this tank was to be lower maintenance with mid to low light with no CO2. Now whether that will last, I doubt it since I love running CO2 and everything else but I wanted to give growing moss a good shot.

The scape is pretty much thrown together so I understand it might not look the best. Wish I had more time but to be honest, I had to throw it together before my GF came back from work and flipped her lid at me for having "ANOTHER TANK?!" and making me return everything haha.

ADA Amazonia
ADA sand (forgot which type)
ADA Branch Wood
12" Finnex Planted + (thinking about upping to a Current Sat +)
Sponge Filter

Possible upgrades:
CO2 (Paintball Regulator)
Diffusor (either pollen glass or GLA Type since the regulator is set to the right PSI for their diffuser)
Eheim Canister Filter (not sure where I would put it to hide it)

S. Repens
Cyperus Helferi
Unknown Type Bacopa
Unknown Stem (think it's Ludwigia)
Flame Moss
Peacock Moss
Spiky Moss
Downoi (moved to other tank)

3 ottos
7 Amano's

Planted as of yesterday 3/22/2014


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Looks good, don't know if I like the Cyperus Helferi under the wood would move it in front of the sponge filter.
Reasoning I put it by the wood so when it grows out it will look like its been enveloped by grass. If I put a canister on it should move with the current as well but we'll see.

I agree that I need something in front of the sponge filter, I might move some over there at a later date.

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Just a quick update. My mosses are growing in nicely for once! Never had success before but I'm happy with how its turning out. My S. Repens were showing some KN03 deficiency so I've just been dosing that for now. Other than that, No other deficiencies have been seen thus far so it's been low maintenance, a nice change!

Now,,,if only my Amano's would quit throwing ADA soil on my sand!


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Very nice driftwood!!! How did they ship that without it breaking apart? Up north we have twigs, nothing remotely resembling wood. Sometimes I think they just pick up random twigs in the park and toss them in a bucket.

If you do decide to go paintball, pick up the JT cylinder with the level indicator. It let you see how much liquid Co2 you have left. You can get it for cheap since the hobby moved to HPA (Air tanks), plus the adapter is pretty cheap too.

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