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Nice quality shrimp. I recently culled the colony. The culls go to my cichlids, so these are NOT culls being shipped out. The colony was from stock that had been culled for darker blues. The older females do get some very nice color to them. Many of the young turn blue quite small. Some look like rilli or even young fire reds as peewees. They all turn translucent blue with no red as adults.

I ship with a free plant, your choice from what I have available in the tank - currently thats pencil fern, red ludwiga, needle leaf ludwiga, baby giant vals, and java fern. Shipped insulated in kordon breather bags, priority mail. Guaranteed to get at least the first number alive on first delivery. If there are and issues please shoot pictures before opening the bag. Issues are rare though.

10+2 - $30 shipped
20+3 - $55 shipped
More than 20 ask for quote. Several batches available. Mixed ages and genders.

I try to check my PMs often, but sometimes fail to. I can be more readily reached at shyshrimp at gmail dot com. I tried to get it to notify me of PMs but for some reason the system isn't cooperating for me. So if you don't hear back in a timely manner, please email me. I may also be interested in trades for fire reds or vampire/bamboo shrimp (if anyone has experience shipping them).


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