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Blue Velvets in a bowl.

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So, I'm slowly putting together a Walstad bowl for my mother's birthday. Right now I just have the dirt in soaking before I add the cap. My mother originally wanted a snail, and then she saw a picture of blue velvet shrimp. They are a type of neos. She thinks they are the cutest. Has anyone ever raised them in a Walstad bowl before? I know RCS do great in them. Could I order some once the plants start to grow out for her, or should I tell her to stick with a snail. (could I do both?)
I do not want to order something and then have it fall over dead. If anything I can always give her some of my RCS when I get more and they start to breed. I'd just love to get her blues because of how enamored she is with them.
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if its a Neo, then it should work. make sure the bowl is cycled and has lots of plants growing before adding the shrimp. add about 5-6 shrimp to start.
I have kept cherries, crystal red shrimp in a walstad bowl, and now i am keeping yellow shrimp. I am confident that if you do it right, you can keep any Neo breed in such a bowl. The caridina species might require some extra care in a bowl, but the Neos really dont.
Awesome. Thanks. Yeah, I was going to let the bowl grow out for awhile before I got her anything.
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