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Look here for general water parameters. Test for all the parameters listed, including KH, GH, TDS, as they are important.
Dwarf Shrimp Water Parameters ? DiscoBee

Everyone I know, always cautions to keep temps below 74*F (better yet, below 72*F). The warmer temps have been noted to increase chances of bacterial infections (especially more often noted with OEBT).

They are known to not breed very true. Which means, you will get quite a few of blondes/clears, and varying lighter shades of blue or not full coverage. So quite a bit of culling (doesn't have to be killing, you can just separate unwanted colors from the better ones) is necessary, otherwise if you let them stay together and breed, the blue coloration will further dilute and you won't have very nice looking shrimp.

Royal Blue Tigers (pricey) and Tangerine Tigers breed more true. There are also Red Tigers and various other wild tigers, but they are mainly clear with tiger stripes, so not too much color. I have not looked into Black Tigers Orange Eyed (BTOE) much so I don't know if they don't breed very true just like OEBT's.

Since Tigers (except Aura blues, other certain wilds and fancy tigers) don't require acidic water like other Caridinas (Crystals, Taiwan Bees), can be kept on any inert substrate. You can keep them on active substrates, but isn't the best if they put the water parameters too much out of their liking.
Eco-Complete is a high CEC inert substrate. It will pull nutrients and carbonates from the water, which can possibly be problematic. Basically it will reduce your KH/buffer and allow the pH to change easily. The pH could then drop down into the acidic range. As long as the pH is not majorly low or too high, tigers should be fine. But do keep KH, GH and TDS at correct levels. Just cycle the tank as normal, and start trying to get all the water parameters correct to see if the Eco Complete will keep dropping the levels. If it does, you can keep it in there and just keep adding more and more minerals until it becomes saturated and stops absorbing them so you can finally get the levels correct, or just use a different substrate (sand is fine).
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