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Blue shrimp not interbreeding with others? Pics

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Perhaps they are different species, hopefully the pics will help to identify what I have here.
I have heard the blue are more difficult but after 2+ months none have even berried. While my others are worse than rabbits.
FYI there are 6-8 blue shrimps and I have no idea in sexes but have to imagine there's at least one female.
Thanks for any tips!


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I see blue carbon rili, red rili and cherry.

I have heard of some people having difficulties getting some of their blue shrimps to breed, but they can, and do, breed with other colors.
The last one looks more like sakura than cherry, really nice red one. All will interbreed giving you more and more wild type shrimps. Maybe they're younger than other shrimps? Or maybe you have different water than the seller and they need time to get used to it. They should breed like any other Neocaridina.
Well sounds like at least same species, thanks for that. It's actually been since about August, perhaps they are all males. Maybe I need to get some more blues into the mix.

I haven't really found the yellow, orange and reds turn into the wild colors unless wild is just much less pigment.
There's reds with yellow dots, yellow and red mottled. And this is multigenerational. I was worried they'd turn brown but about 90% are still quite impressive coloration, the remainder just more translucent but no Browns as of yet. Not show quality but still pretty cool.
Well, sakura is a grade of cherry... so.....

I've heard that if you start with higher grade colors, you are less likely to get wild colored offspring. I've kept some yellows with cherries, no wild colored offspring. These weren't even high grade cherries... I know the yellows bred, but ever since they've passed on, I haven't seen any more yellows or any with yellow...
Those three look like saddled females to me. Are you sure you have males? Some sellers in the past only sold female shrimp.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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