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Blue ghost?

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is it possible for ghost shrimp to be a blue color? Or do they take up pigment from the substrate? My ghost shrimp definetly has a blue cast to it........

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Never really have seen a blue ghost shrimp before.....but we should not rule anything out. Mother nature is real funny about new critters. :cool:
Could you possibly get a picture posted? Most my ghost are white-opeic-clear.

Ok I took some photos just now......

you can see how he/she has a blue cast, created by all those pigment spots........several of my shrimps are colored like that.......

Let me know what you think...

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I have had mine look like that and unfortunately the shrimp always seem to die sooner or later. Not sure what causes it, but when they look milky inside and loose their clearness it has not been good for me. Some hang around for a couple weeks getting less and less active then die.

This may not be what is wrong with your shrimp, but looks like it too me....

I know what the milky white color looks like that you are talking about......but i think that the flash on the camera has distorted them....cause they are clear......with those spots on them....apparently the camera didnt capture that......maybe I will try again.....
I did also have some turn greenish and they are fine, spots too. If they are still clear and healthy then enjoy your new color. My tank they are in is heavily planted and I figured perhaps this was the reason for the color change...Perhaps it is the environment as you suggested.

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