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Blue Berry Shrimp... Any success of keeping them blue?

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Hey guys my lfs has been trying to push blueberry shrimp on me again. I tried for a while with these guys but they always turned brown and my lfs would change their story every time, oh your kH is off, it needs to be 4 oh your gH is off, oh its because your pH changes. So does anyone have any real answers on these guys? I'd especially like to hear success stories, especially with someone who has got them to breed. I buy that they aren't dyed, but what is the point of selling a blue shrimp no one I've heard of yet can keep blue?
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They do not breed true, no matter what you do. Don't get them. Alot of people think this shrimp is blue because it is fed a VERY specific diet growing up and then the babies revert back to their natural state. It doesn't matter what you do, they will never breed true for you in this case.
if you want blue shrimp, hit up SoothingShrimp for Carbon Rilis or Blue velvets
I find it a bit sad that your LFS would try to lie to you that way and keep trying to sell you bunk product a second time. Don't let them take your money again, treat yourself from a nice seller here or a few other reputable vendors online.
+1 Lots of good sellers here. Check the FS section here, pm some members who bought from them and see what they say as well.

Oceangirl is correct though. The blueberry shrimp just don't breed true.
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