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Blue bees crossed with crs or cbs possible?

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Can crs and cbs cross with the blue bee not blue bolt.

Anyone knows?
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They have not for me and they were in the same tank for about 6 months. Did they do it for you?
Wouldn't it be easier to cross them if they were seperstwd by one blue bee male and 3 CRS cbs female?
CRS and CBS are caridina, blue bees are para caridina. Neo caridina and caridina do not cross breed. So I think para caidina and caridina don't either but I am not sure. I have all three types but never put the blue bees with bee shrimp, only with RCS and for a short time with Sulawesi cardinal shrimp and they did not cross breed with those. But blue bees are very shy and can be outcompeted for food. It worked ok with the cardinal shrimp as they are just as shy but the RCS pushed them out of the way to get to the food. I ended up removing the RCS because of that.
Blue bees and CRS can cross breed however, the eggs are always infertile after they are fertilized. After awhile the females drop the eggs
I just wanted to see if they could wanted to put them in the same tank as crs and or cbs without any freaky breeding. Hahahaha
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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