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Blue Amanos

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Just got some new amano shrimp in and I noticed a few of them have a blueish tinge to them. Is this a normal trait? Does it come from food? It's kind of neat.

Sorry for the awful picture


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I've seen amanos that look blue, some that look green, some that are so colourless they're darn near invisible. Stress may play a part but given they are all wild caught, it may also be different populations or simply adaptions to the conditions they were living in. Some shrimp can modify their colours to some degree, depending on the background they're in.
Bamboo shrimp, just for example, can be greenish, blueish, very pale, cinnamon, gold or driftwood brown when you get them. I find most of them, [ I keep them on a black substate with driftwood], eventually turn dark brown, to the point they are invisible on driftwood, unless you get a good look at their back stripe, which remains a lighter shade, sometimes near white. Some of them turn an orange red colour, and while I've yet to figure out why, it does not seem to be sex related in any way.
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