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Hi plant fam! I have a few items for sale including some very nice, solid color, Bloody Mary Neocaridina Davidi.

Bloody Mary Shrimp - Neocaridina Davidi
These shrimp are strictly culled and produce very consistent high grade baby shrimp. I estimate about 95%+ true breeding.

Ph 5.5-8.5
Kh 3+
Gh 6+
TDS 175+

My parameters:
Ph 6.5
Kh 6
Gh 8
TDS 300~

$5.00 each or $39.99 for 10+1

Java Moss - $5 2x golf ball size portion
Algae free but may contain snail eggs

Pearl Weed - $5 softball size portion
Super easy plant that can be grown as a tight carpet or trimmed to any size bush you like. Grows very well with little to no nutrients and low light and of course kills it in a high tech setup.

* Live arrival guarantee; Covers a refund of the shrimp that is unlikely to die. On orders of 10 or more shrimp +1 is already sent to cover an unlikely death. Must send 2 pictures within 2 hours of confirmed delivery via email.

SHIPPING: Free shipping on orders of $90 or more!
Free catapa leaf with each order!

Plants only: $8.10 usps priority
Shrimp with plants: $12.95 usps priority
Shrimp are shipped in styrofoam lined boxes with breather bags to helps ensure a smooth ride.

PM me with questions and orders.
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