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Bloodfin Tetras with German Blue Rams?

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I currently have a 15 Gallon tank and its been running for over a year, and I have it planted obviously. I also have a few fish already in it they are; 8 Pygmy cories, 6 Bloodfin Tetras, 4 Otos, and 2 ghost shrimp.

My tank is nice and I love watching it, but I feel like I need a showcase fish, and I think a nice German Blue Ram would be cool. Would it be ok in that kind of environment? Would it eat my Ghost Shrimp?

Let me know your guys opinions, or other suggestions im open to new ideas.
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Shrimp might be eaten. How about a pair of rams? Dwarves should always be kept in groups.
Depends on how big your shrimp are and it helps to have good plant cover. My ghost shrimp where pretty big so they never got eaten but were harassed when ever my rams got a chance. Then again it all depends on the personality of the fishes as well. +1 on Keeping rams in pairs.
imho i would not put a ram in anything smaller than a 20g
the cories could be a little vunerable when spawning. The shrimp are also a target, but if you have a heavily planted tank, it could work
Thanks for the feed back guys. My tank is planted pretty nice, just waiting to see what other kinds of plants my LFS are bringing in this week. I also have a nice piece of drift wood which shelters the corys they love it and chill there until its feeding time.

If I were to get a German Blue Ram I would just get 1 Male just to be my centre piece to the tank. I dont think 2 would be the best for the size n stock of fish I have already. Plus I dont really have the time to breed either
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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