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Bloated German Blue Ram

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Recently I bought four german blue rams from my LFS, when I picked them up I bought a better heater and had done my research. I wasn't surprised when one of them contracted ich, i then proceeded to raise the temperature from 86 to 90 to help kill off the ich. I noticed while doing that, that one of my rams was a little bloated. The following day I come to realize the same ram(this ram is the one with ich as well) is even more bloated then before. It has me concerned and not confident in its health.

10 gallon
PH an even 7
Temp 90


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if you had really done your research, you would know that rams need a lot more space than 10 gal tank. sure you could keep ONE in a 10gal tank, but four is too many. not only that, it seems you probably picked up sick rams to begin with. your best bet is to observe, research, and diagnose.. then treat as needed. that does not look like a very healthy ram even without the ich.

bloat is usually caused by a parasite. you'll need to determine if it really is bloat and treat for it in a different tank, which probably isn't possible since you're trying to house four rams in a 10 gal.

I don't mean to be so harsh, but there's a lot to learn about this hobby. and it's best that you do so before getting into it. you'll save yourself a lot of time, money, stress, and save lots of fish lives in the process.

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Welcome to TPT.
Im sorry that you are in this situation.

Bloat can be a sign of the presence of parasites, but that is after a secondary bacterial infection has caused inflammation and the accumulation of fluids in the abdomen. Parasites themselves dont cause the bloat, it is the secondary bacteria ( or, in some cases, an obstruction of parasites in the intestine that leads to infection) that does that. But bloat can also be from bacterial infections that have nothing to do with parasites.

That said, because of the likelihood of internal infection I would slowly turn down the heat to 80 degrees. Do not do this too fast, but in a matter of increments. The reason why heat is not the best treatment for Ich in this case is because bacteria grows rather quickly in the presence of high heat. The higher the heat the quicker bacteria grows to kill the fish.

Do you have or can you get an Ich medication very quickly? If you cannot, turn down the heat to 85 degrees overnight and when get the medication, turn down the heat to 80 degrees after treat with medications. Also, if you dont already have one, put in air stone because when treat with medications always need to add supplemental oxygen.You will want to treat with an Ich medication that's active ingredient contains Malachite or Victoria green. Treat all the fish, even if they are not showing any signs of the parasite--= often the parasite will attack the gill cover, inside and outside and you cannot see this with naked eye.

In addition- do you have Epsom salt without perfumes or dyes? If so, put a 1/2 tsp into aquarium ( make sure to dissolve well in a cup of tank water before directly adding to aquarium.) This will help alleviate the fluid that has collected in abdomen. If you do not have Epsom Salt=- pick some up. It is something you should have in your medicine chest for several different medical conditions in fish.

Do you have any antibiotics? I would pick up some Kanamycin if you dont have something else you could possibly use if needed. You may need to use this on the fish. If it is not needed- great! You will have it in your medicine chest if you need it in the future.

Is the fish eating? This is important because it is a guide to how ill the fish is? Is it able to swim away when you put your hand in the tank? Can it keep itself upright? Does it lie on the bottom of tank?

Is this a newly cycled tank?

Okay, Ive given you alot- Ill stop there. :)
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