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bleaching the aquarium help please

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hi so i finally got a 10 tank and an aquaclear from this holiday weekend sale and i can finally move the inhabitant due to a horrible staghorn infestation. i plan to bleach the entire tank and was wondering:

How long i could keep the filter running in the aquarium?

How much bleach should i use(15 gal) and for how long?

How can i catch the shrimp?

so far i was planning to cutting out all the staghorn then trapping them, then remove the filter material for the 10 gal while i run the two filter that is in need of a clean badly in the infested tank. any help is appreciated thanks =)

I dont plan to correct this issue, its in such a bad state right now that id rather start fresh. I only ran into the staghorn from some moss i purchased but before that my tank was running great.
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Just take everything out of the tank first. Then rinse it out. Put the filter (without media) heater (if you have one) and what ever else you put in the aquarium and fill with water. Dump bleach into the tank, don't worry you really cannot use to much. Run the filter of the tank for 24 hours with the bleach water. Empty the tank and rinse it out. Refill the tank with water after rinsing and set everything back up and then add a big overdose of dechlor. Use new substrate or go through the same process as the tank to clean the sand/gravel, unless it is and aquasoil or something. Only put clean plants back into the tank. Use H202 or potassium permangenate (sp?) to dip and rinse the plants before being returned.

I think that is everything. Hope I covered everything! Hahaha!
You only need 1 pt. bleach to 20 to water and you don't need to run a full tank full of water to get the job done. About 12oz to 2 gl of water is close enough.

I agree with Zefrik, I use H2O2 in a spray bottle. I spray my plants and clean water rinse and then in they go.
if u dont plan to correct the issue your still going to have the same issue when u restart it. but id just go with h2o2 might not have to waste the moss thats got the issue just treat it, its a simple fix! if u dont have any fauna you can dump a bottle into the tank and let it sit for a hour then do a 100% wc and just treat the moss outside of the tank (i find it much easyier that way anyway) and if it doesnt kill it off 100% do it again in 2 days.
i plan to use the current filter media for the 10 gal temp tank. would the algae get out of control by hitchhiking with the media or should i be ok? i dont plan to have a light strong enough for anything to grow, its just going to be in my kitchen while the main tank recycle after the clean
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