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Bladder Snail... Genetics? Color Variations?

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Perhaps a bit of an odd question, but has anyone tried to selectively breed bladder snails or know anything about their genetics? Since they're a pest snail there's not a whole lot of information on breeding them (plenty of getting rid of them though) and I'm pretty curious about doing some experimental "selective breeding."

This is part of what prompted this idea - three different bladder snails in my aquarium, each a very different color, and all about the same size.​

I think the white one is actually quite pretty, and I have an interest in trying to breed a white strain, but I unfortunately can't seem to find that particular specimen again. I'm assuming white is probably recessive or an abnormality. I definitely plan to try if I find that one again or a similar one.

Something else I noticed, however, is that I have two aquariums with very different parameters and very different bladder snails. A lot of plants were shared between the two aquariums, so presumably at least some of the snails are from the same source, but they've went two different directions with coloration.

My caridina tank, with soft, acidic water has a population with an overall lighter coloration. Most are fairly light in color, but not white, and have a foot that is light gray or off-white. The neocaridina tank, with harder, more alkaline water has darker shells, and dark gray or black feet. My thought was perhaps the acidic water is damaging the shells of the ones in the caridina tank, but they seem happy and healthy and the shells look great even on the biggest specimen. They also seem to grow just as large as the other tank, and are extremely active. Plus, the color difference isn't just the shells, but the flesh as well. Could parameters be playing a role in what color is dominant? Or is it just coincidence or, as I said, some sort of damage from the acidic water?

I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts or experience with bladder snails, or anything that might be related. I fully intend to pursue a bladder snail breeding project if I can find my white [STRIKE]whale[/STRIKE] snail again. It's been a long pandemic, I need more hobbies. :grin2:

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