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I just bought a pound of blackworms but didn't realize how big they are and how many worms are in a lb. I would like to sell at least half of it to anyone who can pick it up.

3 tablespoons of worms (~150 worms) =$10
1/2 lb =$35

I am located in Brentwood TN.

Also for sale:
Live foods: microworms, grindal worms, vinegar eels
Malawa shrimp and black bar endlers
lots of plants: crypt wendtii, anubias, buces, giant duckweed, dwarf sag, cholla wood with rooted moss (fissidens, mini pellia, subwassertang, +a few others)
Cholla wood and alder cones

I am open to trades. Most interested in dwarf shrimp and fish, plants, and mosses
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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