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Blackwater Extract

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I have a 10g planted tank, my water i think is a little hard but with DIY Co2 i have a constant pH of 6.8. I currently have schwartz corys, honey gouramis, and probably cherry barbs or neon tetras. Is it advisable to use Tetra's Blackwater Extract? or is it more trouble than it's worth? Does it allow pH fluctuations by softening the water?
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Most people I have heard recommend against using it simply because you can chuck in a few pieces of driftwood and get the same effect for cheaper.

And if you want to make your own without putting driftwood in the tank you can do this:
Get a cheapo piece of mopani driftwood(Petco sells them in their reptile section)
Boil it in a pot you dont care about until the water turns a very dark brown and then remove the wood
Continue to boil down the water to concentrate it even further until you have a very, very dark tea colored liquid
Allow it to cool and place in a container and add to the water to reach a desired color
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